WEPs Team - Women's Empowerment Principles


Chair of the New Zealand WEPs committee

Vicky Mee joined the New Zealand WEPs committee as a representative from Business and Professional Women NZ (BPW) in 2013. Since becoming the chair of the committee in 2016 she is working closely with the great team of women who form the WEPs NZ committee to grow the signatory base and promote the principles. The collaboration between the five partner organisations ensures that the WEPS are effectively promoted using the influence and skills within each organization.

As Chair Vicky wants to ensure that all signatories gain value from their involvement in WEPs and that the communication lines between the signatories and our administrator and board are strengthened.

Vicky is also President of BPW New Zealand and a member of the Pay Equity Coalition Auckland.



Zonta District 16 (NZ)

Janette Irvine became a member of the UN WEPs committee in 2016 when Zonta District 16 (NZ) was invited to become a partner on the committee and she was then the District Governor for Zonta. She has a background in medicine, as a general practitioner for 35 years before retiring in 2016. Medical interests included obstetrics and other aspects of women’s health, quality assurance and GP assessment.

She has been a member of the Zonta Club of Rotorua for 26 years, served six years on the District 16 Board, as District Governor 2014-16, with a continuing interest in advocacy on women’s issues. Zonta’s mission of “Empowering Women through Service and Advocacy” fits well with the work of the WEPs committee, which is supported by the 28 Zonta clubs throughout NZ.


Human Rights Commissioner

Jackie is a Human Rights Commissioner at the New Zealand Human Rights Commission and has the Equal Employment Opportunities and Women’s Rights portfolio.
Jackie has a strong commitment to advancing the participation of women in society and is the Commission's lead on stopping violence against women.
In the Equal Employment Opportunities portfolio, Jackie is committed to progressing human rights and issues of equity, particularly those that affect equal employment opportunities. She has identified youth unemployment and underachievement in Māori and Pacific communities as particular areas of concern. Jackie is also working closely on fair pay for carers and pay equity.
Jackie first came to prominence when she pioneered the role of breast physicians in the late 1990s. In 2005 she was elected as a List Member of Parliament and was in this role till June 2013 when she joined the Human Rights Commission. As a Member of Parliament, Jackie chaired three cross party parliamentary committees, all of which had a focus on human rights and in particular women’s human rights in the Pacific Islands.


UN WEP’s Administrator 2016

It is a very exciting opportunity to be the administrator of UN Women’s Empowerment Principles and to participate in improving the quality of life for women, men, family and communities.

Gen is looking forward to working with everyone to help make a more stable and better future for us all. She will do her absolute best for you and is always open to suggestions and there to answer any questions. 

Gen has a Bachelor of Science from Canterbury University and has also successfully completed the Massey University Executive MBA. She is a Careers Coordinator and also works as a Business Studies and Economics teacher. She has worked with young women in education for a number of years, as well as consulting in education in the Middle East. There are only positives and benefits of helping all women become empowered to achieve the goals they are capable of.

Looking forward to working with you all.